Traditional roads in Berat The alley in front of the rest house. These alleys are typical for the city of Berat and for the neighborhood of Gorica, where you can find Ana’s Resthouse.

Hostel with a kitchen in Berat One of the many common areas in Ana’s Resthouse, is the breakfast kitchen. Every morning you will find fresh, locally produced food and groceries. Everything you need for a good start of the day.

Family and couples accommodation in Berat Ana’s Resthouse has a long tradition of welcoming guests, singles, couples and families alike.

Traditional house in Berat Ana’s Resthouse has housed over four generations. This traditional home is part of a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Hostel accommodation in Berat The largest room in the traditional rest house, houses six beds. The room is cool and has a view over the river and the Berat castle.

Comfortable and affordable accommodation in Berat Appart from the comfortable rooms, the fresh air and the amazing view. The best accommodation in Berat, also has a small yard, where summer barbecues are possible.

Terrace with a view in Berat From the terrace, you can enjoy the view over the Kala in Berat.

Berat – Albania